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1120 Sanctuary Parkway, Suite 300
Alpharetta, GA 30009

Verification Period: March 17, 2017 – March 17, 2018

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Practice Areas

  • Benefit Administration Solutions
  • Executive Benefits
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Voluntary Benefits

Alliant Employee Benefits Overview

Alliant was established first in 1925 and is currently the 3rd fastest growing consulting firm in the United States. As a private enterprise, we are dedicated to staying a private enterprise. Of the top-ten fastest growing employee benefit consulting firms in the US, only two are privately-held.

At Alliant, we believe our people and our company culture set us apart. Our guiding principles are important to us. By being reliable, innovative, actionable and by creating a culture that respects and develops our team members -- long-term and high-value relationships are created with our clients.

We are committed to continually bring you innovative and creative solutions, with Alliant you gain a partner who doesn't just provide cool strategic stuff but rolls up their sleeves and gets their hands dirty with you.

Health Plan Strategies

Our office is full of actuaries, PhDs, nurses, pharmacists and communicators who are experts in wellness and accountability. None of this population health management stuff matters unless we have good, basic plan management

We bring you the strategic and clinical resources of a "big-box" consulting firm with the tactical resources of a local brokerage firm. You don't have to worry about compromising stability for creativity in a consulting partner as we will flawlessly execute the basics and go above and beyond to meet your expectations. You aren't just gaining a consulting partner but a specialized, strategic team with an eye for detail and the bottom line.

Health Plan Analysis

As a data-driven firm you can be assured that there is a strategic purpose for everything that we do. One of the things that we do best is uncover the story that is buried in your data so that you can plan ahead for the best possible results. Our actuarial, clinical and core consulting teams coordinate to find the story in the data.

Wellness Initiatives

We offer the rare combination of local clinical, actuarial and analytical talent. These three areas work together to provide continuous quality improvement to wellness, disease management and care management initiatives. Our comprehensive resources include registered nurses, credentialed PhD wellness leaders, pharmacists, attorneys and Masters-level public health experts.

Our firm brings you the advantages of a regional firm: local resources geographic proximity and high-touch service. We also bring the advantages of a national firm: deep clinical and actuarial talent, national practice tools & resources and sophisticated solutions for population health management.

Compliance Services

Proactive, efficient and client-tailored employee benefits compliance support are provided through our in-house Employee Benefits Compliance Department. With Alliant, you gain a consulting partner with deep legal, compliance and legislative resources on hand so you can sleep at night.

Our Employee Benefits Compliance Department is staffed by experienced attorneys and benefits professionals. They are exclusively dedicated to reviewing, researching, and problem-solving the

employee benefits compliance needs of our clients. Common areas of compliance needs include health care reform, ERISA, COBRA, HIPAA and cafeteria plans.

Actuarial Services

A key ingredient in our consulting suite of services is our Financial and Analytics practice. The primary role of this specialized team is to assist our clients in effectively managing their health care budgets and properly identifying any key drivers of claim cost. Without the careful evaluation, it is difficult to determine if fluctuations are a result of an aberration or the beginning of a new trend.

With Alliant you gain local actuarial talent that can provide comprehensive and accurate actuarial valuation services without drama.

Human Resource Consulting

Your Alliant team will serve as the conduit to our human resources consulting partners that will also serve as project managers and billing consultant on all ManagEase projects. From finance and law to retail and entertainment, manufacturing to non-profits, all ManagEase service promote best practices and compliance with all state and federal employment regulations, no matter the industry. ManagEase consultants live and breathe all things HR, maintaining the highest level of HR certifications and credentials.

Employee Communication

Alliant is here to help you assure your employees know how to best leverage the benefits you offer. Alliant brings creative packaging of your employee benefit offerings to ensure proper understanding and engagement of associates and dependents.

Our approach to supporting our clients during annual enrollment is rooted in our strongly-held belief that benefits communication should not be a singular campaign during annual enrollment, we use year-round communication to create better health care consumers

Areas of Special Focus

  • Employee Communications
  • Population Health and Wellness

Areas Served by Alliant Employee Benefits

  • Georgia

Team at Alliant Employee Benefits

Tom has special expertise in well-being and creative employee engagement strategies.

Tom Greene

Executive Vice President

Susan leads strategic consulting services and has 20 years of experience with Alliance.

Susan Kaufman

Executive Vice President

Catherine relishes in designing and implementing impactful solutions that deliver immediate savings.

Catherine Borbone

Executive Vice President

Doug's particular sweet spot is data analysis and rate development strategy.

Doug Levit

National Data and Analytics Lead

Amy specializes in reinforcing communications strategies developed with the core consulting team.

Amy Dixon

Communications Specialist

Abby's focus is on designing, implementing, and evaluating performance of wellness programs.

Abby Davis RN

Clinical and Wellness

Colleen specializes in health and productivity management.

Colleen Saringer PhD

Wellness Consultant

Dave's area of expertise is strategically and proactively managing pharmacy plan costs.

Dave Runkel


Specializes in benefit strategy, design and implementation and developing innovative solutions.

Donna Hodges

Healthcare Strategy Leader

Diana is an attorney with Alliant and has over 12 years of experience advising clients.

Diana Craig

Compliance Consultant

Licensed In

Alabama: 13480

Alaska: 101749

Arkansas: 646861

Arizona: 1001011

California: 0H61091

Colorado: 384564

Connecticut: 2387240

District of Columbia: 2900765

Delaware: 1140574

Florida: Appt-A103863

Florida: A103863

Georgia: 461546

Hawaii: 391604

Iowa: 646861

Idaho: 405872

Indiana: 780296

Illinois: 646861

Kansas: 646861

Kentucky: DOI-777204

Louisiana: 548157

Massachusetts: 1906918

Maryland: 2074920

Maine: PRN201330

Minnesota: 40283861

Michigan: 588742

Missouri: 8129931

Mississippi: 10227688

Montana: 757073

North Carolina: 646861

North Dakota: 646861

Nebraska: 646861

New Jersey: 646861

New Hampshire: 2093460

New Jersey: 1315297

New Mexico: 298912

Nevada: 201559

New York: LA-1202985

New York: LB-1202985

New York: Appt-LA-1202985

Ohio: 832794

Oklahoma: 100129493

Oregon: 646861

Pennsylvania: 615503

Rhode Island: 2146820

South Carolina: 309788

South Dakota: 40180588

Tennessee: 2005973

Texas: 1712464

Utah: 388207

Virginia: 816019

Vermont: 808670

Washington: 793685

Wisconsin: 646861

West Virginia: 646861

Wyoming: 224829

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