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BKS Partners

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4233 Pablo Professional Court Suite 201
Jacksonville, FL 32224

Practice Areas

  • Benefit Administration Solutions
  • Executive Benefits
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Human Resources Solutions
  • Medicare Part D
  • Medicare Supplements
  • PEO Solutions
  • Retirement Plans
  • Student Loan Benefits
  • Voluntary Benefits

BKS Partners Overview

When it comes to employee benefits in today’s corporate world, business and human resources (HR) managers at companies of all sizes are being asked to do more, such as:

  • Provide employee benefits programs that improve employee satisfaction and promote retention
  • Offer more robust benefits to attract prospective employees
  • Stay ahead of changing regulatory and compliance issues
  • Provide greater support for day-to-day management of employee benefits plans
  • Find ways to save the company money — containing costs without reductions to or elimination of benefits

About The Service

Elevate Benefits, LLC owns and operates SHRM Broker Finder, a software as a service (SaaS) platform. Our platform supports your independent research, vetting and hiring processes. The company facilitates introductions and exchange of information between parties seeking and offering solutions. We are not a licensed financial services entity of any kind and we do not seek to sell or make money from the sale of any employee benefits, financial services or any other regulated products or services. We also do not make specific provider, product or service recommendations. Learn more by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions.

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