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Employee Benefits
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Practice Areas

  • Benefit Administration Solutions
  • Executive Benefits
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Human Resources Solutions
  • Payroll
  • PEO Solutions
  • Voluntary Benefits

Butler Benefit Group, LLC Overview


Employee Benefits ★ Technology ★ Compliance ★ HR Administration ★ Payroll ★ PEO



Butler Benefit Group is a progressive benefits insurance agency.  Owners and HR leaders engage us to increase the effectiveness of their benefits program – particularly when it comes to introducing technology, flexible administration, or revising compliance.

Companies normally turn to us when they are:

  1. Seeking to implement technology that’s both company and employee user friendly.
  2. HR is tired of operating in a reactive mode rather than creating a proactive and proficient environment among employees.
  3. HR is frustrated in dealing with onboarding paper errors & wasting time tracking down the corrections.
  4. Surprised to learn that government agencies can fine employers $110/day per/EE for not meeting Compliance guidelines and shocked their medical carriers are not responsible for providing this protection.
  5. Looking for a flexible agency that can create a high-performance service culture that improves accountability, expands knowledge base, and increases efficiencies.
  6. They’re looking for a solution that’s easily integrated for employee onboarding, enrollments, benefits, and administration.

We provide full-service insurance benefits. Including employee benefits, technology, compliance, HR administration, payroll, and peo services.

BBG continues to distance itself from other benefit agencies because we are very different from the other available alternatives:

  1. We allow clients the flexibility to choose how they wish to be serviced.
  2. We provide software that manages multiple tasks which decrease administration workloads.
  3. We are “carrier agnostic,” allowing us to provide the best-fit programs while ignoring carrier bonus programs.
  4. We offer mobile technology, so employees can access their information online allowing your admin to focus on its core obligations.
  5. No one handles custom service request better or is more flexible. It’s our specialty.
  6. Our clients are loyal to us. The majority of our clients have been with us from the start – 10+ years. (NEI, TNC, CASIS, BCF, Hall, BringIT!)

My Goal you ask?
It’s my simple goal to “Become your trusted advisor in all things benefits”
AND -  "Always Happy to Help!"

I can be reached at RhettR@callbbg.com


About The Service

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