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Financial Literacy Group

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Financial Literacy Group Overview

We offer a Debt-To- Wealth SaaS Employee Benefit Solution. The technology is a digital interactive financial GPS that directs the employee to pay off their debt including a mortgage in record time while saving as much as 80% of the interest without making extra monthly payments.

Employees or emploers who use this smart debt elimination tool typically pay off their 1st and/or 2nd mortgage in 5-7 years,without spending more or adding any more money to their existing budget. The patented Debt2Wealth solution won an Ernst & Young award in it’s 2nd year, the app shows the user the exact date they will be debt free and its debt reduction results are guaranteed.

This debt elimination SaaS  works on all kinds of debt; credit cards, residential and commercial mortgages, auto loans, equity loans, personal loans, student loans, equipment and business loans. This debt elimination solution can manage multiple mortgages. We have clients with upward of 50 properties simultaneously and many small businesses that use the technology to manage their debt, it can also be securely connected to most bank accounts.

The solution uses a patented algorithm that integrates four key money saving principles; interest accumulation, interest float, interest cancellation and strategic payoff, moving money into the right accounts at the right time. The algorithm changes an amortization schedule from being in the bank’s favor to being in yours.

The user doesn’t have to think about how to pay their debt, the solution uses math to make the complicated financial decisions for you, it prioritizes the most costly accounts and concentrates on paying those off first.  When a user experiences unexpected events, a financial mishap, or a change in income, the solution simply recalcalculates, creates a new route, it is a digital interactive financial GPS that is programmed to to find the fastest mathematical route to zero debt and interest.

A user can enter a potential purchase scenario into their action plan to see its true consequences, interest and debt implications, as well as the effect the purchase will have on their savings and net worth. The financial literacy app also shows the user how they can quickly pay off the new loan or purchase, and it adjusts to the new date in which the user will now become debt free. 

The solution shows the user the true implications of every financial decision he or she makes present and future.  You can enter a financial goal or a transaction into your action plan, the solution will not only show you the true cost of your entry but, it will show the fastest mathematical way to accomplish your plan. 

The application will get the user to an equity position faster, the solution serves as an intelligent mobile financial planner, educator and guide that keeps the user on track, prompting them to follow the optimized road map to financial freedom. 

About The Service

Elevate Benefits, LLC owns and operates SHRM Broker Finder, a software as a service (SaaS) platform. Our platform supports your independent research, vetting and hiring processes. The company facilitates introductions and exchange of information between parties seeking and offering solutions. We are not a licensed financial services entity of any kind and we do not seek to sell or make money from the sale of any employee benefits, financial services or any other regulated products or services. We also do not make specific provider, product or service recommendations. Learn more by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions.

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