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Problem: It can take months to find and hire the right broker or consultant for your firm, and it is time consuming and confusing to check if you are getting the value you deserve from your current broker.

Solution: The first step is to create a great candidate list, and you can do that here faster and more effectively than anywhere else. Just enter your zip code and number of employees below and get started!

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The Ultimate Broker Hiring Guide

Problem: 95% of brokers tell us it is very difficult for an employer to get their arms around the expertise and services they should expect from their broker or consultant, and employers need to do a better job.

Solution: Our ultimate hiring guide consists of a simple RFP and finalist meeting process that works for employers and the broker candidates alike. Use this simple process and may the best broker for your company and employees win!

Benefits Document Center

Problem: The myriad of federal and state regulations, employee data breach risks, and licensing requirements require a keen eye and organized approach by anyone offering employee benefits.

Solution: Store all of your broker hiring and employee benefits plan documents in one easy to access location.

  • "I never understood the difference between benefits brokers in the past. By using the brokerSpotlight platform we found a great broker, cut our benefits costs, and simplified administration of our plans!"

    - Melissa Gordon, President, EchelonCommunicate, LLC