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Human Capital Business Solutions Overview

I was tasked with the impossible mission to reduce the second to largest expense for business owners. Not only did I succeed, I exceeded my own expectations (which is hard to do).

As an executive of a growing organization, I was tasked with reducing our costs in many different areas. But there was one area that felt like Mission:Impossible; our health insurance costs were through the roof.

Aside from the monetary aspect, proactive care was also extremely important to us as an organization. Our goal was for our employees to see a doctor as a preventive measures, rather than waiting until something is seriously wrong. Due to the high deductibles and outrageously high co-pays, employee participation in our benefits plans was dismal.

After interviewing just about every brokerage firm, I came to the realization that everyone was offering the same plans, with the biggest difference being a variance of 1 to 2 percent.

Most people would have accepted this reality and moved on, but what kept me going was my desire to take care of my employees. They deserved better, and I went on a quest to discover a solution, and by getting creative and thinking out of the box, I was able to mix and match different programs to create high-quality benefits packages that reduced our health insurance costs by 30 percent. Even more exciting, employee participation almost doubled.

After the organization was sold, I knew I had to help other business owners who were not willing to settle for mediocrity and are just as passionate about caring for their employees as I am.

My name is Joely Fabritsis. I am the founder of Human Capital Business Solutions. We empower business owners to offer high-quality customized benefits packages that cut their costs and enhance their employees’ health and welfare.

It has been four years since I started HCBS, and we have had success story after success story, not only have we saved on benefits spending to the organizations by at least 30% in the first year, their savings increase exponentially year after year. That is unheard of in the Employer Group Benefits industry with traditional plans and brokers.

But the other exciting part is that the employees are utilizing the benefits, as well. Nothing warms my heart more than the messages I often receive from employees who are so grateful for these benefits that are customized to their personal needs.  

This is the solution you have been looking for.  Book a call with me today! 

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