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LoVasco Consulting Group

One Woodward Avenue Suite 1500
Grosse Pointe, MI 48236

Practice Areas

  • Executive Benefits
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Retirement Plans

LoVasco Consulting Group Overview

LoVasco is an independent, privately-held consulting firm specializing in developing innovative solutions to help employers meet today’s benefit challenges. We work with employers to optimize the performance of their benefit programs—from strategic planning and program development to the delivery and communications of the programs.  

We distinguish ourselves not only by what we provide, but also by how we provide it. We have restored the consulting experience to its purest form—focusing on the service of consulting rather than the business of consulting, resulting in remarkably different client experience:


Why Leading Organizations Turn to LoVasco

Employers struggle to balance the cost of benefits with the needs of their employees and retirees. Organizations turn to LoVasco for innovative yet practical and sustainable solutions to their benefit issues. LoVasco develops leading-edge approaches that help improve bottom-line results by:

 •  Minimizing costs and taming the unpredictable nature of benefit expenses

•   Enhancing productivity by improving employee satisfaction and engagement

•   Improving employee health by supporting well-being programs through engagement and education

•   Optimizing the value of contracts and relationships with vendors and service providers


What You Can Expect from LoVasco

There are several core principles that guide our actions daily. These are the values we hold dear and refuse to compromise.

Professionalism. Rather than a label we give ourselves, this is a description that we strive to earn from others. We believe true professionalism is not so much what you do, but the way in which you do it. It’s an attitude. Our professionalism can be seen through our demonstrated pride in our work, commitment to quality and high ethical standards.

Honest and forthright advice. Although pleasing the client is the hallmark of what we do, there are times when our advice and suggested approaches may not necessarily be what you want to hear—but it may be what you need to hear. We believe clients want a partner who is authentic and willing to give them honest and forthright advice.

Personalized attention. LoVasco is not as large as some consulting firms, but we make that work to your advantage—by being more agile, responsive, innovative and flexible. In addition, we are able to spend more focused time with each client and provide the level of personal attention they expect and deserve—making them feel as though they are our only client. This fosters a more collaborative, personable and rewarding partnership.

Seasoned and Experienced Team Leaders. Only our senior advisors who are experienced and seasoned veterans lead our client engagements.  While all our staff members have value to offer at some level, project leadership is never assigned to less experienced, junior staff. 

Exemplary client service. We aspire to form life-long partnerships with clients by demonstrating an extraordinary level of client service and responsiveness. We strive to exceed clients’ expectations—consistently. We pride ourselves on not only providing results for our clients, but being considered a true pleasure to work with.


What Clients Say Sets Us Apart

We seek to understand before being understoodAlthough we offer specialized knowledge and valuable technical, industry and market insights, our clients are the ones who know their industry and business the best. We start each client assignment by learning about our client’s industry, business environment, culture and needs. We listen to their concerns and ask thoughtful questions. This foundation of knowledge and insight enables us to deliver more relevant and effective consulting advice.

We take the complex and make it simple. Today, employers are faced with a major imbalance—as healthcare and other benefit complexities and headaches increase, the resources and time to deal with them are decreasing. LoVasco adds value by bringing a sense of clarity, straightforwardness and order to the issues.

We are collaborative. We believe that, more often than not, the right solution comes from within an organization and that our role is to help it emerge. We do this by engaging you in an informed educational discussion that allows you and your organization to find answers to your questions and make decisions with confidence and from a position of strength.

Best of Breed Approach. Our collaboration is exemplified through our “best of breed” approach to resources. We bring the right resources to the table—even if they transcend our own company. Not only does this ensure unlimited capacity but a project team that is involved because they chose to be involved and have a vested interest in exemplary results.

We service you—not sell you. As an outside advisor, we bring forward innovative ideas and keep you apprised of things you should consider, but without the hard-sell.

About The Service

Elevate Benefits, LLC owns and operates SHRM Broker Finder, a software as a service (SaaS) platform. Our platform supports your independent research, vetting and hiring processes. The company facilitates introductions and exchange of information between parties seeking and offering solutions. We are not a licensed financial services entity of any kind and we do not seek to sell or make money from the sale of any employee benefits, financial services or any other regulated products or services. We also do not make specific provider, product or service recommendations. Learn more by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions.

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