OneGroup NY, Inc. - The employee benefits broker and group health insurance advisor in Syracuse

OneGroup NY, Inc.

706 N. Clinton Street Syracuse, NY 13204
Syracuse, NY 13204

Practice Areas

  • Benefit Administration Solutions
  • Consumerism Solutions
  • Group Health Insurance
  • Human Resources Solutions
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Voluntary Benefits

OneGroup NY, Inc. Overview

OneGroup reduces the time, expense and stress associated with employee benefit programs by providing comprehensive personalized services and in-depth customized services.

Our experts deliver innovative solutions to help our clients navigate an increasingly complex regulatory and inter-personal employment environment. We specialize in developing programs that meet your business and employment goals and objectives while increasing employee job satisfaction and retention. Our unique experience working closely with companies of all sizes has earned us a reputation as a leader in employee benefit programs, claims management and management of corporate benefit programs.

About The Service

Elevate Benefits, LLC owns and operates SHRM Broker Finder, a software as a service (SaaS) platform. Our platform supports your independent research, vetting and hiring processes. The company facilitates introductions and exchange of information between parties seeking and offering solutions. We are not a licensed financial services entity of any kind and we do not seek to sell or make money from the sale of any employee benefits, financial services or any other regulated products or services. We also do not make specific provider, product or service recommendations. Learn more by visiting our Frequently Asked Questions.

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