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6 Reasons SMS Text Will Improve Your Open Enrollment Process November 29th, 2017

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6 Reasons SMS Text Will Improve Your Open Enrollment Process

November 29th, 2017 By Ken Rhie

Signing up employees each year for benefits is time consuming and can be a struggle. The challenge increases for medium and large businesses with a lot of employees to get on board. If a company has remote employees, then they may have an even greater challenge of getting the word out about enrollment deadlines and details. SMS text can offer a great solution for improving the process and making everyone’s job easier.


Spend Less on Open Enrollment

The right strategies can help you succeed in your open enrollment period, but they shouldn’t cost you a fortune. You can cut costs by establishing a text system that will keep everyone in the company on the same page for deadlines, options and reminders. The average company spends 336 hours each year on open enrollment, but employees only spend one hour actually selecting the plan they need, according to Aflac. Using SMS text for automating the enrollment process as much as possible means cutting down on the employee hours dedicated to explaining benefits and reminding employees about deadlines. Some companies even send out mailers, postcards and print posters as reminders which are costs completely avoided with text strategies.


Make Sure Content is Read with SMS Text

Don’t let your notifications and important content about benefits go unnoticed. Improve employee communications by texting important alerts, updates and reminders rather than emailing them. The average email goes unread 80% of the time. With text, you can set up special links to ensure employees are accessing forms. The average text is read 98% of the time and the vast majority are read within the first few minutes of being received. Text messages are straight to the point and easy kept in one place as they are stored in a separate thread on the phone.


Answer Questions Faster with Text

The nature of text messaging is fast and efficient. Use automation to set up answers to the most commonly asked questions, like “When does enrollment start?” or “How much will plan x cost per paycheck?” Automated texts will respond to questions immediately, allowing employees to get the answers they need with no hassle to your HR team. Harder questions can be saved for the HR professional in charge of operating the text campaign.


Track Your Approaches

You can shorten your links and use unique links for every message or reminder send out. This will allow you to track the results and better communicate with your team. You can discover what messages are most effective and send out reminders for specific information that is not being accessed.


Inform Employees Through Text Before Meetings

Let your employees know more about their plan options before meeting with them to discuss the options. By offering insightful content that overviews plans and allowing them to ask basic questions over text (automating the FAQs), you can help prepare employees and cut down on the time needed in meetings. The less time you have to spend reiterating plans to employees, the more time HR can spend on other tasks.


Get Immediate Feedback Through SMS Polls

After enrollment, find out what employees think about their options and the signup process. Get real-time feedback when you make polling easy through text messages. Simply send out prompts that can be answered by a number or letter (Y/N) to get an idea of how the process went.

Use text messaging to make the process streamlined. Send out texts that are condensed and to-the-point. You employees will appreciate having easy access to helpful information about their options and the enrollment process.

For more information on how SMS will improve your open enrollment process, text OPEN to 76000! (message & data rates may apply)