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Utah Private Health Exchange

PO Box 520928 Salt Lake City, UT 84152-0928
Salt Lake City, UT 84152

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Utah Private Health Exchange Overview

Matthew Spencer established the Utah Private Health Exchange (Utah PHE), a new single-carrier private exchange. It offers a new way to fund and purchase group health insurance for businesses of 1 -50 employees.

Allowing set premiums for employers and multiple plan choice for employees, the Utah Private Health Exchange has many advantages, including controlling health insurance expense and accommodating employee preferences. The Utah Private Health Exchange allows employees to choose from up to fifteen different plans with fifteen different premium rates.  Now employees can choose the coverage that best meets their needs and their budget!  Employees become a part of the decision making process and the solution. 

Utah PHE provides businesses with a personalized private exchange with multiple coverage options from one insurance carrier and one insurance agency.  It is important to note that the Utah Private Health Exchange is not affiliated with any State or Federal Marketplace.

Just as employers have moved from defined benefit to defined contribution retirement plans, Utah Private Health Exchange (Utah PHE) suggests employers implement a defined contribution health plan, which has employers contribute a fixed amount towards employee’s premiums.   Employees allocate that set amount towards purchasing their favorite plan.  A simpler, less expensive plan would cost the employee little or no extra monthly premium via payroll deduction.  A platinum plan could cost the employee more.

“Employers want the benefits and advantages that have been demonstrated in the Federal Market Place “Obama Care” plan” said Matthew Spencer, a licensed Utah insurance agent doing business as the Utah PHE.  “Multiple plan options, defined premium contribution and the empowerment of the enrollee are all improvements within the large national Market Place health insurance exchange.  But seventy to ninety choices from three to eight different carriers obtained via questionable Internet security with no personal assistance are not desirable additions to the process.  The Utah Private Health Exchange was established to assist employers with a single carrier, multi-plan option allowing for set employer expense and flexible employee choice.  All with one Utah insurance carrier and medical providers you already know and trust.”

Private health exchanges can bring an end to increasing premium hikes for companies and inadequate health insurance for employees.  Employees are able to pick insurance plans that meet their needs.  Business owners no longer anguish over choosing a one-size-fits-all health plan.  Companies can take comfort in a defined and predictable health care expense, empower their employees to take ownership of their health insurance, and return their focus to the day-to-day core business of making their own products, goods and services.

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Team at Utah Private Health Exchange

Matthew A. Spencer is founder of the Utah Private Health Exchange, the only of it's kind in Utah.

Matthew A Spencer

Insurance Agent, Broker and Consultant

Awards and Recognition

  • 1995 LUTCF - Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow

    LUTCF - Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow

    January - 1995

    Life Underwriting Training Council Fellow Chartered Benefit Consultant Master of Science, Human Resource Economics, University of Utah Certified Broker, United Healthcare 2010 Who’s Who National Asso. of Health Underwriters Leading Producers Round Ta

Licensed In

Utah: UPHE license

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