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March 21st, 2017 | admin

Top 3 Reasons to Register for Navigating the Compliance Minefield

Do you feel lost just thinking about navigating the compliance minefield? We sat down with Jessica Waltman, brokerSpotlight™, and John McHugh, Citrix, to ask why it is important to be prepared for the minefield that is compliance.

Top 3 Reasons to Register for Navigating the Compliance Minefield

  1.  Compliance is a buzz word for brokers. 
    Some brokers handle compliance effectively, others not so much, but they all think that they are doing an awesome job.
  2.  Even brokers that are efficiently handling compliance regulations for their clients can ignore the other half of compliance.
    • Brokers can be in the practice of helping their employees with compliance but completely ignore any regulations that their own business can be subject to.
    • Like the case of the cobbler’s children having no shoes.
  3.  The Department of Labor and Department of Insurance constantly dole out hundreds of dollars in fines 
    Ensuring agency compliance will save brokers, and their clients, money in the long run.

Who could benefit the most from this webinar?

Everyone! From people looking to glean info about encryption technology software they may not be aware of, to people who are just beginning to understand agency compliance. All will be relieved to find out how easy it is to implement these solutions and it is not as complicated or as troublesome as they may have thought.

Why is the $1,000 worth of attendee bonuses provided with signup huge?

  1.  brokerSpotlight™ “Compliance Steps Guide” 
    This webinar provides a complete checklist to act as remediation guide for “Navigating the Agency Compliance Minefield.” Chances are, you will not fall down in every area, but there a plethora of different areas. This guide will show attendees “these are the things you are most likely already doing” but also “these are the things you are probably not even aware of.”
  2.  Exclusive Discount on Citrix Products
    The bottom line is that a small agency, even some large agencies, cannot develop their own encrypted email and file sharing systems – they must be hired out or technology must be purchased. Providing businesses a discount to ensure compliance is gigantic offer.
  3.  Exclusive Discount on brokerSpotlight™
    brokerSpotlight™ aims to connect you to employers and help you to distinguish your business. Our goal is to continuously provide resources and this checklist is just the beginning.

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