Technology Tips for Broker Success

The world of employee benefits can be complex. With many different benefits providers offering different services, most benefit providers need something to set themselves apart. Employees have a diverse range of needs and their employer must be able to find the right benefits broker to fit these needs. With so many different needs and services, technology can be really helpful in separating benefit brokers apart from each other. Here are some great tips on how to leverage technology to set yourself apart from the other employee benefit brokers.

Big Data is Key

With most of the world connected to the internet in some shape or fashion the use of big data can be crucial for a broker developing a benefits program. With data ranging from social media to fitness data tracked from a watch or smartphone, there is a lot of information out there that a broker can use to help discover which benefits would be the most beneficial for potential prospects. While the broker might have access to many different forms of data, the key to big data is to be able to find the right information that can be used to help personalize an employee’s benefits.

Offering Flexible Solutions

According to a 2013 survey taken by MetLife only 40 percent of employees look to their employers for assistance in gaining financial security through their employee benefits. The benefits world is becoming more customized than ever before and employers are looking for the right employee benefits broker who can offer flexible programs with the right services for their employees without placing too much strain on the employers’ finances. With the use of technology, employee benefit brokers can position themselves correctly in the spotlight and attract employers who will best benefit from their offerings.

Keep it Mobile

Due to expansion of the internet, employees and employers are accustomed to having access to information anywhere. By utilizing a mobile app to communicate your benefits package towards both employers and employees can be very effective.  Since most employees want their benefits expressed around certain times of the year or certain events, the use of a mobile app is an excellent way for brokers to make benefit package details available to both employers and their employees.

A Simplified Marketplace

With the introduction of the ACA, employers and employees have more access than ever to their benefits. The introduction of the online marketplace means that benefits brokers must be fully aware of their online presence. With a new idea of an e-commerce style shopping, the simplifying of the market place can make it easier for employers to choose the right employee benefits broker. With the advancement of the ACA and technology, brokers now more than ever must be aware of online presence.

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